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Mar 17, 2019


What do you need to know about astrophysics? The eight planets that you know best are located in our Solar System, so they're all orbiting the Sun (Sol), which is only one of about 200 billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy, and our galaxy is one of billions of galaxies in the visible universe. Earth orbits the Sun every year, and the Sun orbits around the core of the galaxy every 230 million years, or so we estimate. The idea of dark matter was invented to explain galaxies, because galaxies don't look massive enough to stay together by gravity based on star counts. Galaxies often orbit around each other in clusters and superclusters. On the largest scale, we see that galaxies are arranged like a cobweb in many thin filaments between large voids of empty space. There are anomalies such as the CMB cold spot and the Sloan Great Wall of galaxies. The universe is mostly empty space, and the voids continue to expand per the cosmological constant, a.k.a. dark energy, increasing the distance between most galaxies, making travel to or communication with many galaxies impossible over time. Black holes probably exist, but wormholes may not. A wormhole would require an exotic matter with negative energy or something else to hold it open. Some speculate that Kerr black holes may be used as wormholes or for time travel. The universe is still dominated by the lightest atoms, hydrogen and helium, but heavier atoms are being formed by nuclear fusion in stars, and most of the atoms in our bodies probably came from fusion in a big star that went supernova, then some of the "ashes" of that star fell into the solar system during its formation. (We are stardust.) Elements up to iron are produced by fusion, but heavier elements like gold, lead, uranium, and mercury are produced in a supernova.
Mar 17, 2019

Particle Physics

What do you need to know about particle physics? Stuff is made of molecules. Molecules are made of atoms. Each atoms is made of a heavy nucleus of one or more protons and usually some neutrons with a cloud of lightweight electrons orbiting around it. The electrons are believed to be elementary particles called leptons, but the protons and neutrons are each made of quarks, which are believed to be elementary particles like leptons. Protons and neutron are called baryons because they are heavy, and every proton or neutron contains three individual quarks. There are six different quarks, but protons and neutrons are made of two different quarks, the up and down quarks. Quarks always exist in combinations of two (for mesons) or three (for baryons), are held together by gluons, and can form many unusual particles, most of which live a short time. Neutrinos are even lighter than electrons, and they frequently travel through the entire Earth without interacting with anything. The bosons carry forces. For example, photons are bosons. Photons include light waves, radio waves, X-rays, and gamma rays, and they can behave as both particle and wave. Electric charge and magnetic fields are carried by virtual photons. Another intersting fact is that at a subatomic scale, the universe may have more dimensions.

Mar 17, 2019


I wonder if people think I'm a technophile. I'm not. As you may know, I have experience in programming and electronics, and I was always interested in science. I use the latest technologies in HTML5 and JavaScript to provide quality software, but I don't subscribe to the idea that science or technology is going to solve all of our problems or lead to a utopia. When I was a child, we thought flying cars, robotic maids, Mars colonies, and artificial intelligence were right around the corner, but we still don't have any of that. We don't even have hoverboards like in the Back to the Future movies. Humans can't even make decent self-driving cars. (I was always against the self-driving cars because I don't feel they were safe - even before we learned they will run folks over.) Either we were too optimistic in our expectations, or something is slowing our progress. Maybe I could have contributed to fields such as AI if I hadn't been distracted by injustices and the need for activism. How many others are like me? At this time, I don't want to contribute anything to this society, and when the sick and hateful society collapses, it will be better to be knowledgable about primitive survival and bushcraft technologies, so those have been a primary focus of my studies in recent years.

Mar 13, 2019

Ignore Ads

Commercial advertisements are not a good way to find software to use. I've used a lot of software over the years, but I don't think I've downloaded any program based on an ad. You know when you see the little box that says your computer is infected, that's probably just a scumbag ad for some poor quality antivirus or even crapware that installs more malware than it cleans. You should only install software from trusted websites. Do a few minutes of research online to find the right software to do what you need.
Mar 13, 2019


I never use a VPN because I don't see any need. Using a VPN sends your internet traffic through an encrypted connection between your computer and the VPN, and the VPN handles the transactions for you, requesting files and such. That sounds great, but how does it help your privacy? Now your ISP can't see what your doing except maybe that you're connected to a VPN, but the VPN can see everything you're doing. Do you really trust them? They could be mining your traffic for extra profit. And if you do anything illegal, the VPN will probably cooperate with law enforcement just like your ISP would unless maybe if they're in certain countries. They may still cooperate with law enforcement simply because they don't like your name or the crime that you're accused of. When I encounter ads for VPN services, I wonder if people think I use VPN. I hear people saying, "Yeah, I bet Ron Spain uses a VPN." No, I don't.
Mar 7, 2019

Radio Kit

I bought a radio kit because it was the cheapest radio and I like electronics but had never done a radio kit. Plus I was thinking maybe I could assemble these with some modifications and sell them. It took me two nights to get it together. The radio sounds good, but I need to adjust the trim capacitors and coils to pick up the entire FM band, as I can only receive the lower stations. The tuning is not easy. I thought maybe a part was in the way of the tuning wheel, but I examined the radio and think it is just because the plastic wheel was molded and has little excess plastic that I may need to trim off if it won't wear away. The instructions were mostly Chinese, but the circuit board showed where the parts went, and I was able to find instructions in English online with much helpful advice and many pictures. The hard part for me was getting every solder joint looking good in such a cramped space. I mostly still use a soldering iron that I bought from K-Mart about 24 years ago, and I did smaller joints (such as those for the SMD chip) and touched up joints with another iron with a smaller tip.
Feb 25, 2019


I disowned my immediate family members years ago because they don't respect my views or support my rights and were mostly never there for me when I needed them. I'll probably never see most of them again, sadly. What good is family? All they do is talk about each other behind the back. They're only cogs in the juggernaut that is my enemy. There are some relatives that I would possibly like to interact with maybe.
Feb 24, 2019

Orange Pi Lite

This is my first Orange Pi Lite, a $12 computer. After looking at dozens of alternatives, I chose this one for testing because it has the right connectors and a low price. While having similar capabilities as others, it has two regular USB ports, so you don't need to buy a hub to connect things like a keyboard, mouse, or gamepad. It has a normal HDMI port so it hooks up to the TV without having to buy anything extra.

I also bought the official power supply and case for a few dollars more to avoid problems, but I had to fix a bad solder joint in the power supply. It will boot now that the power supply is fixed, but the wifi is not yet working. I'm accustomed to encountering hurdles when setting up Debian. I'm planning to try more command lines to connect. Or I might need firmware. Otherwise, I'll try running another operating system on the Orange Pi Lite.

When you add shipping, a keyboard with touchpad, and other accesories, the price can end up many times higher than the original $12, but I'm able to get very low prices. Stay tuned to see what I'm up to.

Feb 22, 2019


Google supports hate, so please use an adblocker to block all ads from Google and on Youtube. I recommend using uBlock Origin because it is efficient and won't cause slow page loading. In fact, pages will load faster without all of the annoying ads and spyware scripts. I am not affiliated with the software. Thank you for not supporting the creeps at Google. America has earned its end unless things start to change in this country right now.
Feb 15, 2019


I try to avoid ageist websites. I've never put any of my software on github (though Google and Bing are continually putting it in my search results) because github is ageist. Github is supposed to be a website for hosting software projects, but its rules don't permit those under 13 years of age to register. I started programming at around age 10 on a TRS-80 Model 100, so I wouldn't have been allowed to use github. I complained to github years ago about their ageist rules, and they claimed their reason was to comply with United States law, specifically COPPA. COPPA does not state that anyone under 13 cannot contribute code, it only says that a website must get parental permission before gathering information about minors. Github doesn't care about kids' rights enough to do that simple task. If it were a law like SOPA that interfered with piracy, the internet would be going nuts in protest, but no one cares about the rights of minors - not even minors care. Still, I'm not going to accept ageism any more than racism or sexism. When a twelve-year-old is not allowed to contribute code, that is contrary to liberty. Houston, we have a problem, for those in need of an erroneous cliché. Note that Bitbucket hasn't discriminated against anyone based on age in the last decade to my knowledge, and the federal government hasn't shut them down.

I've removed my website from netlify this week due to their ageism, as well as their stating in their terms of use that they may choose to delete a website for no reason and for generally talking to their users like we're nothing. A while back, they completely changed their interface and made it impossible to update the website without deleting it and creating a new website. They're located in San Fransicko, and I know they care about certain issues out there, but neither my rights nor the rights of minors are among them.

Feb 15, 2019


For years, I've sought a place to host a blog. Blogger and Blogspot are owned by Google, and I've seen Google censor/remove many blogs, spy on people, and engage in many other bad behaviors, so I don't use Blogger or Blogspot. I've also seen WordPress, Tumblr, and Nibblebit censor many blogs. They might not censor my blog if I avoid controversial matters, but I'm not going to give them my content to help them generate advertising revenue after they've censored all of my favorite blogs, and I'm not going to endorse their services by using them publicly. It's hard to find a decent blog hosting service that anyone has ever heard of, so I've decided to host my blog myself. Google might refuse to index it as they've refused to index my website in the past without explanation (or they might even still claim my site is harmful, which is very pathetic of them), but you can still find this website if you know how. Just bookmark it (Ctrl+D) or type the address into the address bar (Ctrl+L) if you don't know how to bypass Google.

I've used a few social media websites, but I don't think people are getting to know the real me on them. I used Facebook as a tool to complain about businesses that deserve it, and I hoped to keep in touch with old friends, but I'm not sure what to talk about with most of them, and it would probably be better to meet in person. I occasionally posted something on Facebook that seemed important or interesting, but not much about my personal life, my views, or my hopes and dreams. Google Plus was mostly for complaining about Google and goofing around. So maybe this blog will help people to better understand the real me. Probably not, though.


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