Smart Portal

The smart portal aims to fuse the power of the 1980s BASIC interpreter prompt with the capabilities of the modern web.

You can enter a query to search. You can type a web address to open. You can type a math formula to calculate the answer immediately using only your web browser's JavaScript interpreter, without using any bandwidth. You can add or remove buttons or links as you wish using a basic-like script that runs when the page loads.

This is the command to show this help information.

This command lets you edit the program that runs whenever the page loads. After editing, you must use the save command if you want to keep the edited program.

This command saves the program to your web browser's localStorage, a cookie in essence.

This command loads the program from localStorage.

This command runs the program, esp. for testing before saving.

button <name> <adrs>
This command adds a button. Your query will added to the end of the specified address, allowing for quick searches.

link <name> <adrs>
This command adds a link. https:// is automatically prepended to each, but this may change.

color <text> <background>
This command sets the colors used for text in this page. Try possibilities such as red or #0af. This command should be used only after all buttons and links have been generated.

font <size>
This command sets the font size for text in this page. Try 18px, 125%, 2em, or 8pt.

This command clears the cookie to restore the default program.

This command clears the screen.

Set tab=1 to open addresses in a new tab.

Entering a web address results in that address being opened.

When specifying a web address, you may omit the https: part to save space. It will be added automatically if the address begins with two slashes.

Personalized abbreviations can be created. For example, btn=button or d=// to save typing. Such abbreviations may be used for commands, websites, or search queries.

WARNING: Websites available from this page such as Google are believed to engage in spying on and manipulation of users.

DISCLAIMER: Ron does not agree with or support the content of some websites that are included.